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What started as a graduate school capstone project has now expanded into a blog and a professional development workshop series for Washington State community colleges. Join me, Kaytie (Disney scholar, mom, and college academic adviser), as I talk about Disney princesses, representation in media, my relatability to and love for Disney villains, and more.

February 4, 2021

Dating Culture in Disney Princess Films

Welcome back!


In this episode, we are talking about Disney princess dating culture with special guests Chloe and Lauren from the Damsels in the DM podcast! The Damsels in the DM podcast is your go-to for everything dating culture (i.e. long distance relationships, being ghosted, one night stands, female stereotypes in dating, and more). You can find their podcast on all major podcast platforms.


Take a listen as we talk about growing up with Disney princess films, how that's impacted our beliefs about romantic relationships, ideas of marriage and divorce, and more. I also had Chloe and Lauren play a fun game at the end, you won't want to miss it!


If you want to see more content follow the blog at www.wonderfulworldofdisneyvillains.com or follow on Instagram @wwofdisvillains !


Thank you for listening! If you have any ideas for future episodes feel free to contact me via the blog and let me know!

January 20, 2021

Aladdin’s Rogues Gallery

Welcome back!

Today I’m talking about Aladdin’s Rogues Gallery aka the villains from the Aladdin TV Show. That’s right, there was an Aladdin TV Show.

No academic research or jargon in this episode. This is purely a fun episode reminiscing a show I was overly fond of as a child.

Take a listen as I explain why I believe Iago is an under-appreciated villain sidekick turned anti-hero and hear my rank of some of the memorable villains throughout the TV Show.

Follow the podcast on Instagram @wwofdisvillains and follow the blog at www.wonderfulworldofdisneyvillains.com.

January 2, 2021

Disney Villains are Relatable

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Wonderful World of Disney Villains podcast! Today I'm talking about why I believe Disney villains are relatable and, as you can tell by the length of the episode, I have a lot to say.


Below is a list of all the sources I refer to throughout the episode.

Book, articles, and essay sources:

  • “Read This: How Divine inspired Ursula The Sea Witch” by Chris Dart (news.avclub.com/read-this-how-divine-inspired-ursula-the-sea-witch-1798243255)
  • Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains: Masculinity in Disney’s Feature Films book by Amy Davis

  • “Winnie the Pooh” FanTheories Wiki (fantheories.wikia.com/wiki/Winnie_the_Pooh)
  • “Why Do Cartoon Villains Speak in Foreign Accents?” by Isabel Fattal (www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2018/01/why-do-cartoon-villains-speak-in-foreign-accents/549527/)
  • “Children’s Culture and Disney’s Animated Films” chapter from the book The Mouse That Roared by Henry Giroux and Grace Pollock.

  • “‘This is No Ordinary Apple’: Learning to Fail Spectacularly from the Queer Pedagogy of Disney’s Diva Villains” essay by Mark Helmsing in the book Disney, Culture and Curriculum, edited by Jennifer Sandlin and Julie Garlen.

  • “Chapter Fifteen: Learning to Live as a Disney Villain” by Jessica Kirker in the book Teaching with Disneyedited by Julie Garlen and Jennifer Sandlin.

  • “13 Inscrutable Requirements to Be A Princess In Disney Parks” (www.disneyfanatic.com/13-inscrutable-requirements-to-be-a-princesses-in-disney-parks/#)


Videos, audios, and movie sources:

December 16, 2020

The Wonderful World of Disney Villains

Welcome to the first episode of the Wonderful World of Disney Villains podcast!

*I discovered I make mouth noises occasionally so if you’re not into ASMR you may want to listen without headphones/earbuds.*

I thought I would start with my professional development workshop that kickstarted my blog and podcast. I present this workshop 2-3 times a year for students, faculty, staff and administrators at the college I work for.

I’ll be talking about: • Disney villains - what defines a villain as a Disney villain? • Representation - Stuart Hall’s binary form of representation • Binary representation in gender and other social identities • One sided story - where are the villains stories? • Perspective - flipping roles (heroes as villains and villains as heroes) • Everyone needs diverse representation even those who often see themselves represented in media

I mention the following media’s throughout: • Once Upon a Time (the TV show) • Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier by Team Starkid (on YouTube) • Ted Talk: “The Danger of a Single Story” by Chimamanda Adichie • Essay: “This is No Ordinary Apple”: Learning to Fail Spectacularly from the Queer Pedagogy of Disney’s Diva Villains by Mark Helmsing • “In Defense of Villainesses” by Sarah Gailey on www.tor.com • Social media account: @theconsciouskid

November 10, 2020

Wonderful World of Disney Villains Trailer