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What started as a graduate school capstone project has now expanded into a blog and a professional development workshop series for Washington State community colleges. Join me, Kaytie (Disney scholar, mom, and college academic adviser), as I talk about Disney princesses, representation in media, my relatability to and love for Disney villains, and more.

Female Representation in Disney Princess Films

March 5, 2021

This episode we are talking about female character representation in Disney princess films.

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I did show notes! Enjoy!

00:51 Caitlin’s introduction

01:38 The Bechdel test and troubling Disney princess tropes

05:18 Team Starkid’s "Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier" parody musical and troubling Disney villain tropes

07:09 Tiny child sponge brains

09:00 My baby consuming media

10:13 Younger parents having more access to tools to have meaningful conversations about representation in film

11:36 Our issues with live-action Disney remakes

12:40 How many Cinderella movies does society REALLY need?

16:35 The hero’s journey… for Moana

17:33 Why Maui is the actual villain of Moana

21:04 Female vs male villains paired with female vs male protagonists

23:06 Are female villains not enough of a threat to go up against male protagonists? Emperor’s New Groove doesn’t count.

26:20 Lion King 2 - Simba processing internal trauma from the first Lion King movie

28:15 Disney female character development THEN vs NOW

30:35 Where’s the movie about characters processing the trauma they experience?

31:50 Brave is really a movie about bears (visit the TryPod Episode 9 from 22:02 - 23:02 for my reference)

33:07 My rant about Sleeping Beauty

34:44 Non-consensual kisses

36:58 Disney on Broadway creating horny Disney characters (Frozen on Broadway "Love is an Open Door" reference - 2:36 - 3:00)

38:52 Disney on Broadway covering heavy topics and diverse character representation (Frozen on Broadway "Monster" reference)

41:08 Brandy’s Cinderella diverse character portrayals… why did we go back from that?

43:03 The Little Mermaid live-action movie casting

44:17 Ursula, contracts, and our issues with The Little Mermaid 

47:21 Disney princesses and villains are all LONERS

48:23 Caitlin’s explanation for the lack of human friends

49:22 Older generation Disney princesses are not… really… in the movie...? How did they get to be the main character?

51:18 Physical appearances and Western beauty standards

53:04 Once Upon a Time TV show

55:50 Check out the Bechdel Cast!


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