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What started as a graduate school capstone project has now expanded into a blog and a professional development workshop series for Washington State community colleges. Join me, Kaytie (Disney scholar, mom, and college academic adviser), as I talk about Disney princesses, representation in media, my relatability to and love for Disney villains, and more.

Is Cruella de Vil a Redeemable Character?

August 15, 2021

Welcome back for another episode! This episode is all about the female villain we all love to hate, Cruella de Vil. We will be going through every adaptation of the character Cruella de Vil leading up to the new movie Cruella. 


Have you witnessed every version of Cruella in this list? Which version of Cruella is your favorite? Let me know on the podcast’s Instagram page @wwofdisvillains or on the podcast’s website www.wonderfulworldofdisneyvillains.com


Cruella de Vil anthem song

Selena Gomez’s version of Cruella de Vil’s song


0:46 - Cruella de Vil fun facts

4:11 - Who is Cruella de Vil?

4:41 - The first time we met Cruella de Vil (1956)

  • Cruella de Vil was married?
  • Many many hints comparing Cruella to the devil

9:23 - Inspiration for the character Cruella de Vil

11:04 - Disney’s adaptation of the 101 Dalmatians story

  • The first actress to play and voice Cruella de Vil

13:03 - Live action 101 Dalmatians movie 

  • When Cruella as a feminist icon became a popular opinion
  • Cruella’s relationships with men vs women
  • Animal cruelty
  • Fashion 

20:56 - Similarities and differences between the live action and animated 101 Dalmatians movie

24:23 - Additional appearances in media

24:49 - 102 Dalmatians movie was essentially made to give us more Cruella de Vil

29:15 - Additional Cruella de Vil appearances

29:40 - Once Upon a Time TV show

  • Cruella as a child
  • Obtaining a magical ability
  • Cruella’s obsession with murder
  • Queens of Darkness friend group (Maleficent and Ursula)
  • Death and afterlife
  • One of the few villains on the show who doesn’t want to and is not redeemable

38:27 - Disney’s Descendants

39:50 - More 101 Dalmatian remakes!

40:16 - Disney’s Cruella movie

  • Prequel to the live action 101 Dalmatians movie
  • Cruella (named Estella) was born with poliosis, that’s why her hair is half black and half white
  • Estella’s childhood - being labelled a “rebellious child”
  • Channeling Estella and not Cruella
  • The trauma Estella faces that sets up the rest of the movie
  • Working for the Baroness
  • Becoming Cruella
  • Mental health representation
  • The issue with adoption representation and secret birth stories in media
  • Movie ending

01:12:43 - Episode ending