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What started as a graduate school capstone project has now expanded into a blog and a professional development workshop series for Washington State community colleges. Join me, Kaytie (Disney scholar, mom, and college academic adviser), as I talk about Disney princesses, representation in media, my relatability to and love for Disney villains, and more.

Disney Makeup: Princesses & Villains

August 1, 2021

Season 2!


I’m back. I decided to take a hiatus to spend more time with my family. Now I am back with a whole new set of episodes, topics, and guests!


What do you know about makeup? Have you ever noticed the makeup looks in Disney princess films? Why do Disney princesses and Disney villains have such drastically different makeup colors and styles? Well that’s what my guest Ashley and I are talking about in this episode!


You can find guest and makeup expert Ashley on the web https://www.glamsessionsnyc.com/ and on Instagram @glamsessionsnyc. 


Time Stamps:

0:00 -  Intro

1:15 - Guest Ashley’s intro 

2:23 - The history and challenges of makeup shades for people of color and Fenty’s equitable game changing moment in the makeup industry 

13:00 - Patterns in Disney princess makeup varies depending on the character’s circumstances (examples: glow-ups, living situations and time period, and more)

18:55 - Do female Disney characters have fingernails? Do they paint their fingernails? Is that a thing?

20:17 - Patterns in Disney villain makeup and the taboo of red lipstick and red fingernail polish

24:03 - Brows and lashes

26:12 - Disney princesses of color

30:37 - Guy liner… it’s a thing

32:44 - Patterns of male villains and makeup

35:39 - Disney villain first impressions and makeup’s impact on the first impression

38:31 - Has Disney influenced our perceptions of good vs bad makeup? Not enough makeup vs too much makeup + being different from society’s normal doesn’t mean you’re a villain

46:53 - Disney villains are no longer just villains, they’re humanized and you feel empathy for them

48:01 - Ashley’s favorite Disney makeup look and Ashley’s favorite Disney villain

49:38 - Ashley’s advice for individuals wanting to get into the makeup industry

51:11 - Where to find Ashley on the web (https://www.glamsessionsnyc.com/). 

52:10 - Outro and all the plugs - please give me feedback! What episode has been your favorite? Do you like the guests? Do you want more guests on the pod?


Please leave a rating, comment, DM on Instagram (@wwofdisvillains), or on the website (https://wonderfulworldofdisneyvillains.com/) and let me know what you thought of this episode! I am asking for any feedback, suggestions, and more to keep sharing content you all will love in a format that you find enjoyable. Do you like solo episodes when I monologue to myself or do you prefer hearing my conversations with guests? Do you like episodes about Disney princesses or should I branch out and talk about Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars? Let me know!

You can also find me, Kaytie, on Instagram @disvillainsscholar. You can listen to my most recent podcast guest appearances talking about Disney villains on the Higher Education podcast and The Game of Nerds podcast.